Blind man hitchhikes 2000km to London

At the moment we are preparing for making a documentary on the way from Zrenjanin to London by hitchhiking, and the main protagonist will be the blind hitchhiker, Slavoljub Epifanić.


Losing his eyesight because of somebody else’s fault, Slavoljub decided to face his loss instead of resignation, overcome challenges and learn to live life to the fullest – he opened a massage parlor, mastered computer skills, he earned the title of Master in Ninjutsu (black belt, second day), and along with all that, he achieved excellent results in sports disciplines – javelin throw, shot put and discus throw, as well as in archery and swimming. This journey is his next big challenge, and we believe it could be of great importance to all who see it:

Firstly, by making this documentary we want to show a journey from a completely different perspective– on the one hand, from the perspective of Slavoljub as a blind person, who will talk about his, certainly different, impressions from all countries and cities through which we will pass – about the “pictures” he creates by using sounds, smells and descriptions, as well as other impressions he feels. On the other hand, there is my angle as another hitchhiker who relies heavily on what he sees.

slavoljub-epifanicParticular contribution to the full impression will be made through the use of subjective scenes made with GoPro camera which will be, at some point attached to Slavoljub’s hat or helmet. That way, while describing what he hears, smells and feels, by using modern technology he will also “regain his sight” and show to the prospective viewers what he would have seen from his point of view.

By presenting this challenging, unusual travel we want to inspire and motivate all people (disabled or not) to live freely and face with all life’s challenges. In particular, we would like to show young people with disabilities that everything is possible and that, with good will and the help of friends, they can achieve anything, as well as their peers.

Whole project includes a feature-length film and five short documentaries for television, for which we estimate will have, due to its unique content, very high ratings. The film will be shown at festivals in Serbia and abroad, while the series will be shown on national and regional TV stations. Great emphasis will be put on internet campaign, where the number of potential viewers goes up to few millions.


Currently, we are in the process of looking for sonations and sponsorhips, and by supporting this project, we believe that you will also be recognized by the general public through high ratings of our documentaries as someone that supports quality things, different things, but also actively takes part in the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

Aleksandar Solomun and Slavoljub Epifanic

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