2 Haus Der Musik

From Budapest to Vienna

We’re leaving Budapest. We we’re walking down the highway for about 2 kilometers and are heading for the gas station, where maybe somebody going for Vienna will stop by. The night is falling and it starts to rain. Finally a car stops. It’s Marian, programmer from Bratislava who works 70 kilometers further. In Vienna. We’re  chatting along the dark highway, passing through Slovakia without stopping. Welcome to Vienna!


The street is quiet, just a few cars, occasional passerby… Navigation leads us to the address of our new hosts. Masha opens the door, Srba pours domestic slivovitsa((Serbian national drink, liquor, distilled beverage made from Damson plums.)). We feel like at home. Serbia to Vienna!!! We’ll sleep a bit, it’s been a long day…

Good morning! Coffee with milk and Srba’s, a specialty as a prelude to our first city tour. Grey skies and beautiful facades, too much concrete, too little greenery. We’re going to the Museum of Sound (Haus Der Musik)…

2 Haus Der Musik

We are enjoying, listening and recording, upon leaving we notice it’s already evening. Now everything looks great. More and more people are on the streets and in cafes, we are getting to know the city and we need an umbrella. We find shelter in a café where we try Zwettler (cloudy Austrian beer), and where Iva joins us.

3 kafana

New day is reserved for new tours and, of course, Prater. Little adrenaline before the trip …

There is 460 kilometers to Munich.

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