Day first

We’re leaving Zrenjanin and we are still not aware of what we are doing, where we are going nor when we are coming back.


We are riding with guy from Zrenjanin,  Slađan Jančić. He is going to Novi Sad, but decides to take us to the border (because Budapest is our first stop, in our schedule). After 3 hour ride we enter Hungary. Sun is shining during the whole 4 hours of our standing and hitchhiking. Maybe we are invisible, or just seen by people that wave to us, miming that they are turning right there, left or right… The sun is setting and a car finally stops.


Mister opens the window and says “Hello”, and goes on laughing “German, English or Hungarian?”. – English. We ride and talk in Serbian. Imre lives in Szeged and Novi Sad, he traveled around the world and toured the Balkans in his own boat. We arrive in Budapest and meeting our first couchsurfing hostess. Mission “Get to Budapest”- successfully completed.

Soon, a continuation of the story…

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