Last greeting from Europe

Two wonderful days in Brussels and a nearby university town Leuven – where Steva lives, our guide and host. We are trying out Brussels’ famous waffle and Belgian beers. This is a delicious country.


We continue, direction Amsterdam  where our journey ends. We didn’t get visas for England, Portugal is too far, Holland is quite all right. We are lucky and get there fast. This is a city where all European languages can be heard.


For Slavoljub, Amsterdam is fast, noisy and chaotic.  Fragrance Empire in which omnipresent vapors from coffee shops are the prevailing ones, windows with fast food and perfumes of passer-by. We are sightseeing and we meet Kairat, great guy from Kazakhstan, and we spend the evening with him.


Now we realize that it’s already time to go back to Serbia . Is it possible? We lost couple of kilo’s, we gained some huge experience. Thanks for following our journey, we are going home for a movie montage. 🙂

p. s.
We’ll invite you to premiere.

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