To leave Luxemourg…  It seems like mission impossible. We’re standing on the road, wind affects our hiker enthusiasm in a negative way, which melting on a strong rain. We will let down all the fans of hitchhiking and take a train to Metz. Everything is easier now, a car pulls over and we get to Paris at the second attempt.


We are going down town, and we meet Milan Rakic (not from dead poets society 🙂 ), he lives in Paris, and he is from Šabac.


We go sightseeing and to Pompidou center where  Aijan is waiting for us. We hang out, record, running around, chasing, change the subway lines…


How does the view over the city from  Montparnasse look like to Slavoljub… That’s the topic of the day!


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  1. Angela

    My friend and I are traveling in Paris and south France, where she lost her cane in the water. We need to find a new one and will be heading back to Paris. Are there any branches of the white cane society or a place to get a new cane in Paris?

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