About the project

Maybe it was a coincidence that we met and maybe it was a coincidence that we decided to embark on a new adventure. Now, if coincidence still exists, we hope it will help us make this idea happen, reach our goal and make a good movie. Our plan is to start our journey during September and come back to Serbia a month later.


By making this movie we’d like to encourage ALL PEOPLE (disabled or not) to live freely and enjoy life.

Because, in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.Jack Kerouac

The Crew 

Slavoljub Epifanic

Born in Farkazdin in 1966. A former professional athlete and kung fu champion, now a participant in the athletics contents for the blind (in the throwing disciplines) and swimming, and a gold winner in the mentioned disciplines. He lost his sights due to doctors’ error in less than two days. He practices massage professionally and lives from his work, he is married and has two children. He also finds time to work on himself, follows seminars of Gestalt and Silva Method, but also manages to mountaineer, practice archery, host authorial radio shows and, as a sound engineer, volunteers at the EBI Television. Also works as a massage instructor and a volunteer training instructor for computer operating for the blind and purblind. In 2008 was the winner of the City of Zrenjanin Prize and his city proclaims him the best athlete with disability in 2009. Slavoljub is the first blind mountaineer who conquered Siljak (1571m), the highest peak of Rtanj (one of the toughest mountains in Serbia, in winter conditions), and accomplishes another feat by conquering Musala, the highest peak in the Balkans (2750m)… Now, as always, he is ready for new challenges.

Aleksandar Solomun

Born in Zrenjanin in 1986. In 2010 he graduated from the department of Business Communications Management (which he will probably never practice). A retired  radio host, freelancer, voice over artist, currently the official voice of the Radio Signal and cameraman – volunteer in EBI TV. He writes and performs slam poetry, hitchhikes, photographs, makes videos, does what he really likes, but also what he has to.

Predrag Pavlov

Born in Zrenjanin in 1984. He spent his childhood in Novi Bečej, a peaceful small town in Banat. In 2008 he goes to Oradeu (Romania) as EVS volunteer and gets a Youth pass. In 2009. he graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, where he obtained a degree of Bachelor in Computer Science. He realizes he has a love for photography and video, especially post-production. He attended various design, photography and video trainings and courses. He starts working for an NGO, then moves to private sector. Currently, he is volunteering in international EBI TV station as film editor. Challenges are what drives him and he signed a contract for the biggest company in the world for cruise ships RCCL for the position of Broadcast Technician.

Igor Bogunović

Born in 17.04.1986. in Zrenjanin.

In 2005 he completed Secondary Music School Josif Marinković, Instrumental Department for guitar. After high school he played in several local bands and performed with the jazz section of the music school. In 2011 he enrolls at the Faculty of Creative Media “SAE institute” in Belgrade, Department of Audio production. In 2014 he completed his bachelor studies there as a bachelor of art with firs class honors in audio production. Works as a freelancer in the field of audio production and composes, plays, records music for various contents.

Milan Milićev

Since the beginning of high school he was interested in the design and later on he decided to focus on improvement of his Photoshop skills, a program still of use to him. At the beginning of his studies he switched to web design, web development, and then to development of web sites, as it becomes his profession and source of income. Later on, he obtained his master’s degree from the Department of Information technology. One of his long-term goals includes promotion of internet in Zrenjanin, as well as placing Zrenjanin on the Internet map of Serbia. This was the reason he organized his first Internet conference in in 2011 in Zrenjanin 9-Links where he held lecture on “QR CODE – Zrenjanin through a window of time”. He also participated in the organization of Internet conferences Webiz the following year, where held lecture ,,Augmented Reality – The Next Big Thing“. He is responsible for development of web sites, search engine optimization, Internet marketing, photography and management in Progressive Media team and also for management and development of web projects in Progressive Media, as well as for web projects for clients.

Dragan Mitrić

Born in Zrenjanin in 1987. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, department of Dutch language and Literature. He is currently working as a freelance translator for Dutch and English language and as a court translator for Dutch language. He made an oath long time ago about not wearing suits and ties, ever, which didn’t stop him from translating from home in his underwear for men in suits & ties– hey, you have to make a living somehow. His specialties include business, law, administrative, IT and industrial translations. At the time of writing of this biography he finished a translation of a big lawsuit to Dutch language. Currently, he’s looking for new projects to work on. His hobbies include classical literature, good movies, travelling and smoking of all sorts of tobacco.