Salzburg, Munich, Strasbourg

Salzburg in the sign of Mozart, packed with tourists from Asia, is behind us… We’ re going to Munich. Andreas is driving us and Lina awaits us there, she already hosts 4 couchsurfers, but she has room for two more on the floor. We have Roman and Oksana there. They left Ukraine four days earlier, and they hitchhike during the day, touring the city in the evening and they move on in the morning. Their final destination is Amsterdam.


Morning comes and it’s time for everyone to continue their journey. Ahead of us lies, as it turned out, the most exciting hitchhiking day till now! We are holding a paper with the inscription Stuttgart/Strasbourg.

Richard stops the car and help us put the backpacks in the trunk. He used to hitchhike and he is now giving a ride to hitchhikers, sails, does mountaineering, travels and did motorcycle cruises 5 times throughout India. He visited Čačak. Two hours of fun with Richard is not worth describing it, you’ll see that in the film.


We get out at the gas station and trying to find somebody going to Strasbourg…  We meet Roman and Oksana there again. Unbelievable! They already have a ride and they are just waiting for the driver to finish his shopping. We depart once again.

We think the day is too short for two great rides… but then comes Jochen. We get in the car, he applies full throttle and it is clear. Wherever we go, well get there in no time. New Mercedes with 8 cylinders and 6300 cc, the best thing ever made by Mercedes…  We are going 280 km/h, because the cars ahead are not fast enough to clear the runway for Jochen and to take off.


Germany is the only land where in certain parts of highway there are no speed limits. Some tourists come here only because of that… Jochen enjoys our reactions when he suddenly speeds up for more than 100 km/h. He said he is going in direction of Strasbourg, but an hour later we realize that he drove us there.

If somebody directed this day, thanks. 🙂

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