On the way to Salzburg

It’s time to leave Vienna and move on.


We find a good spot for hitchhiking and soon a car stops. We have the pleasure to meet Kerstin. She’s the first female to give us a ride. 🙂 She enjoys life in the countryside, she likes nature and has a horse farm.


She’s going to the town Passau and leaves us at the gas station near the the highway, very close to Linz. We approach the drivers and asking if somebody is going to Salzburg and Munich. It all lasted about two hours… We succeeded.

Great people from Argentina – Martin and Adriana – take us to Salzburg. Martin tells us, among other thing, about the history of the city, because he spent 8 years there…  We decide to make a break and stay for a while in that beautiful city before we continue westward.


300 kilometers in one day, not bad. 🙂


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